Proper mushy peas and twice cooked chips makes this meal a real show stopper when it comes to the classic British fish and chips.  Our choice of fish is Okains Bay lightly battered Cod. A great take away dish or even as a ‘cook at home’ meal kit, our  real British fish and chips with mushy peas will have your customers enjoying a piece of The Old Dart without leaving home!

Fish, chips and mushy peas! There is nothing more British than fish and chips. This British classic  is thought to have originated in northern England just outside of Manchester in the mid-1800’s.  To this day the Northerners remain proud of their fish & chip legacy.  And they’re also quite insistent that fish & chips be served with mushy peas, the traditional side for generations.  While most areas throughout Britain offer mushy peas with fish & chips, you could say that in northern England it’s practically sacrilege not to.

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